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Stacie  Deischel

Stacie Deischel

Planning Associate

Stacie, who joined our firm in November of 2022 handles all of our client support issues and customer service related concerns, including making certain that all paperwork is completed and processed accurately and in a timely manner.  She is a valuable and important part of our team!

Stacie, a native of Westtown, New York (located just north of New York City), attended Stoneybrook University on Long Island where she majored in psychology.  That degree in psychology should serve her well working with all of us!!

Prior to her move to Georgia early in 2022, she was employed by a private security firm in Orange County, New York as both an Office Manager and Human Resources Director.  She relocated to Peachtree City with her husband, Eugene, and their three adorable dogs, Daysey, Magnolia and Rosie.

When not working, Stacie loves gardening, exploring all the Peachtree City paths on her golf cart, and vacationing wherever it is warm and sunny!