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Our Process

We’re here to help make your money last.

We develop tax-smart savings and income strategies that are designed to be proactive and mindful of your unique situation. In doing so, we hope to help you prepare for the unexpected while protecting your financial future.

What does that process look like?

Step 1. Getting To Know You

Every family we work with is unique.  You have dreams, goals, and priorities that are specific to you.  We take the time to get to know who you are.  By learning where you’ve been and where you want to be, we can plan for any adjustments that need to be made.

Step 2 – Creating a Plan

Developing a plan with a clear focus and objective is critical to achieving your dreams.  We’ll match up your investment strategy with your goals, analyze your insurance needs, help you maximize your Social Security and pension options, and design a tax-smart income plan so you can maintain your quality of life.

Step 3 – Implementing the Plan

Once we have designed and agreed on a course of action, including investment allocations, covering risks and planning the ultimate disposition of your estate, it’s now time to take each systematic step.  This is where your financial plan becomes a very real part of your family’s future.  It will help take you closer to achieving all of your important life goals.

Step 4 – Ongoing Monitoring

Even the best designed plan rarely goes according to schedule.  Laws are altered, markets evolve, income tax rates change, and unanticipated issues can come up for your family.  Each of these circumstances could warrant an adjustment to the overall strategy and a modification to your plan.  With regular update meetings, we will be there to ensure your plan remains “on track” and that your important goals and dreams are always the driving force behind all decisions.

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