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When it comes to investing there are two unique phases of an investor’s life – accumulation and distribution.  And, while accumulation requires us to understand asset allocation, asset location and the tax-consequences of our decisions, it really is not all that complicated.  Sock as much money away as you can for as long as you can to help enhance your retirement picture.

Once we retire, however, we enter into the distribution phase . . . and that’s where we see significant challenges and where many investors struggle.

Why?  Because generating retirement income is complicated, and many of the decisions that retirees face are irrevocable.  For instance, are you aware that there are over 500 different and unique Social Security claiming strategies alone?  And, with very few exceptions, once you make your Social Security choice, there is no going back.

But there is so much more to consider than just Social Security when faced with creating a sustainable, tax-efficient and inflation-adjusted retirement income strategy.

Unfortunately, we have seen too many people make the transition into retirement without proper planning, resulting in costly mistakes.

If you’re close to retirement, do you feel prepared financially?  If you’re already retired, are you confident that you are doing everything you can to help maximize your income options? 

As Retirement Income Specialists, we make it our mission to help you pursue and enjoy the retirement that you’ve worked so hard to earn. Our founder, Ray Dunlap, has been helping clients with this transition for over 35 years. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Accredited Investment Fiduciary ™, Ray is eager to use his knowledge and experience to take the mystery out of retirement planning for you.

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