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What can we talk about?

What can we talk about?

June 25, 2020

Well, I’m sure by now you’re about as tired as I am talking, reading and listening to anything related to Covid-19 . . . . . so, let’s not start there.

OK, then, how about politics? After all, I hear there’s an election coming up! Now, I don’t know about you, but we’re still four months away and I am already sick of everything – the media coverage, the television ads and, frankly, politicians in general! Plus, remember what your mother told you about “politics and religion.”

So, how about a conversation about the stock market? Yikes!! Let’s not do that! Can’t we find a pleasant topic to chat about?

I’ve got it . . . sports! Who doesn’t like to root for and debate about their favorite baseball, basketball or hockey team? Except, what the heck are we supposed to talk about? How greedy the players are . . . or, how greedy the owners are? Doesn’t sound like a great discussion subject to me.

What about grandchildren? Well, I guess I can talk about them . . . but, that’s a poor substitute for actually being able to hug and play with them! In fact, we have a brand new grandson that we have only seen once, and that was from a safe distance of about 15 feet!

Alright, how about travel? You know . . . “Oh, the Places You’ll Go?” I cannot tell you the number of clients and friends who had to postpone or cancel awesome vacations. Sandye and I, in fact, are supposed to go on a river cruise in Luxembourg, Germany and the Czech Republic in the fall, but the European Union just announced that they are considering a ban on all North and South American tourists because of our increasing number of Corona cases. So, no, I don’t want to talk about that!

Movies? Theater? Concerts? More sore subjects! In fact, I’m certain that we’re not the only couple who is struggling to just find a couple of TV shows to watch! I’m pretty sure that we’ve now seen every television show ever produced! And, you know what? I’m finally caught up on “Dobie Gillis,” “Perry Mason” and “Father Knows Best!”

So, what can we talk about?

Well, despite everything that we’ve all been through, I have come to the realization that resiliency, imagination and a great sense of humor will fix a lot of what ails us. But, perhaps nothing is more impactful than reconnecting with people in your life. Whether through Facebook, Instagram or just picking up the phone – we can all be much more linked than we ever thought possible.

So, reach out to a friend, neighbor, or family member . . . even if you haven’t spoken in some time . . . maybe, especially if you haven’t spoken in a while! This could prove to be a great opportunity to reconnect with important people in your life and, especially, from your past!

Find one of your high school friends who used to get you in trouble! Search for someone you played Little League with or who was in your Girl Scout Troup. Reach out to one of your college friends who you went to Spring Break with. How about one of the ushers or bridesmaids from your wedding?

Talking about the “good old days” can truly be cathartic, and I’ll bet you will have some of the best conversations of your life! Plus, there is a “bonus” . . . you making this kind of a gesture could make an important difference in their world, as well as yours!

I hope you’re staying healthy and safe . . . and look forward to getting back to “normal” just as soon as possible!